Monitoring orders is done via the Admin Console. From the menu across the top, select 'Manage Orders' and then select 'Current Open Orders'.

This page displays all open orders (orders which have not yet been collected).

Orders update in real time, so leave this page open to make sure you don't miss any orders.

New orders have a 'New' status and a blue background when they arrive. They are also accompanied by a bell to makes sure you don't miss them (so make sure you have the sound turned up on the PC / tablet / phone).

The summary information shown for each order includes:

  • Reference - Reference Number
  • Name - name of the person placing the order
  • Phone - phone number of the person placing the order
  • Due - the day and time when the order will be picked up
  • Note - any notes or instructions the customer has included
  • Amount - the value of the order
  • Status - this is 'New' when the order arrives but can be changed by you
  • Date Recd - the date and time when the order was placed

The 'Action' button to the left allows you to set the status to 'Sent to Kitchen' or to 'Collected'.

Click on the blue 'Reference' to see the contents of the order. The complete order will be displayed in a pop-up which will also include the customer's comments or instructions.

Orders are displayed in order of when they are due to be collected. The order at the top of the screen is the next order due for collection.

What are the dropdown fields at the top of the page?

If you want to manually block off some timeslots - because you've taken a phone order for a particular time or your kitchen - this is where you do it.

Select the day and then select the timeslot and click on 'Reserve Timeslot'. This timeslot will now be booked and customers will no longer see it as available when making an online booking.