Logged into the Admin Console, from the menu across the top of the screen select 'Manage your Menu' and then  'Manage Menu Items'. 

This page consists of an input form where you can setup or amend a menu item and a table below the form which displays each menu item.

Adding a New Menu Item

To enter a new item, complete each of the fields on the form and click on 'Add To Menu'. Don't forget to 'Add Sides'.


The category to which this item belongs. To set-up categories check out this article.

Name of Item

This is the main name of the item which appears in a larger font on the menu.

Position on Menu

This is where the item should appear on the menu within the category. An item with Position 1 will appear first on the menu (within that category). The item with position 2 will appear second. If you already have items in positions 1 and 2 and you want to insert a new item in between them, you can change the positions for all the items in the category, or you can insert it at position 1.5.


This is the longer description of the item which appears under the name. It appears in a smaller font and is not compulsory.


The price you want to charge for this item.

VAT Rate

The VAT Rate which applies to this item. This is not currently used but will be in the future for reports.

Currently Available

Select 'Yes' to display the item on the menu and 'No' to remove it from the menu.

Is there a limited number of this item available?

You can use this to restrict the number of items you sell. If you only have 10 of a particular item, you can click on 'Yes' here and then enter 10 in the box below. Once you run out of items, they will be removed from the menu.

How many of this item are currently available?

Enter the number of items available. As they are purchased, the amount will decrease until it hits 0. At that point the item will be removed from the menu (by setting the 'Currently Available' flag to 'No'.

Add Sides Button

This button allows you to add sides (which you have already setup in Menu Step 2a - Manage Sides) to this item. You can add a mixture of 'Additions' (sides charged at full price) and 'Upgrades' or 'Swaps' (items that come with the menu item or for which a small upgrade price applies). Remember though that while the customer can add as many 'Additions' as they want, they can only ever choose one 'Upgrade' or 'Swap'.

Clicking on the 'Add Sides' button opens a pop-up from which you can select which side you want to offer with the menu item. This is a great opportunity to upsell, so make sure you add anything the customer might want to order in addition to the main item.

Table of Items

The table provides an overview of all your menu items. You can edit, copy or delete any of the items by clicking on the 'Action' button at the right of the table and selecting one of those options.

Choose 'Edit' and the item will populate the fields on the input form, allowing you to edit and update the item.

Choosing 'Copy' will duplicate the item. You will find the duplicate item just below the original item in the table.

Choosing 'Delete' will delete the item altogether. Once deleted it's gone, you can't get it back.