When logged into the Admin Console, from the menu across the top of the screen select 'Manage your Menu' and then  'Manage Sides'. 

Setting up slides is easy. Simply enter the name of the side and the price.

When it comes to the 'Upgrade?' field, you need to decide whether this side is an 'Addition' to the menu item - something your customer can choose as an extra, or whether it's an 'Upgrade' or 'Swap' for something which is part of the menu item.

If the side is amnestying 'Upgrade', then select 'Yes'. Wherever several upgrades appear in a pop-up, the customer will only be able to select one of them.

If the side is an 'Addition', an extra, then select 'No'. The customer can select as many of these as they want.

For a more comprehensive explanation, check out 'Menu Step 2a - Managing Sides'.

Note that you may want to setup a side several times, with different prices. 

For example, let's say a menu item comes with fries, and you give the customer the option to 'upgrade' to a baked potato, for €1.50, then you need to set-up the Baked Potato as a side costing €1.50 with 'Upgrade' set to "No".

You may also want to setup a Baked Potato as a standalone item, which can be added to another menu item for a full price of €3.50. 

Check out our sample 'Great Texan Steakhouse' for an example of both.

If you select the 'Angus Beef Burger', you'll find that the Baked Potato its an upgrade, at the lower price. The customer can only select one upgrade, so if you try to select a Baked Potato AND Sweet Potato Fries, you will see an error.

If you select the Sliced Brisket however, you'll see that the Baked Potato (and other sides) are charged at full price and the customer can select as many of them as they want, paying full price for each.