Your menu in contains the following elements:

  1. Categories
    Categories include things like Starters, Mains, Deserts etc. You can have as many categories as you want and you can order them in any order you want.

  2. Sides
    Sides are side dishes which can be served with an item listed on the main menu. You can setup as many sides as you want and if necessary you can set up the same side with different prices. For example, a side of fries might come as an option for some menu items but it may be an upgrade for others. In this instance you can setup a side of fries with a price of €0.00 and another side of fries with a price of €2.00. When creating the main menu, you decide which side to add to which menu item.

    Sides can also be seen as upgrades or upsales. You may decide to include something totally unrelated to the main menu item as an upsell. For example, you could setup a side of Onion Rings which you sell at full price with a steak.

    Sides added to main menu items will always appear in a popup which appears when the customer selects the main menu item. The customer can only choose one option or upgrade (eg. fries vs baked potato), but they could also choose an additional side of onions which is charged at full price.

    For a practical example, check out the 'Angus Beef Burger' on our sample menu here.

  3. Menu Items
    This is where you setup the individual menu items in each of the categories. You choose a category, a name, a description, a price and where the item should appear in the menu (inside the category). You can also setup which Sides should be offered with this item. Finally, it is possible to set the item as 'Not Available' which means that it doesn't appear on the menu.

You can now follow the step by step guide to building your menu, all here within the Menu section of the FAQs.

Note about Sides:

The Sides detailed above are all sides which are sold together with a main menu item. You will probably also want a category entitled 'Sides' where you can offer your regular sides as full price for the customer to choose.