uses Stripe to process payments and if you wish to accept payments online we require you to have a Stripe account. This means that we will process the payments on your behalf, but the funds are lodged directly to your bank account. You keep 100% of the funds (after paying the Stripe fees) and they can be transferred to your bank on a daily basis.

Stripe is one of the world's largest online payment processors and was founded by 2 Irish guys. Nice. It's used by some of the best known companies in the world including OpenTable, and SalesForce - so you're in good company and know you are dealing with a reputable company.

Stripe fees are also amongst the lowest in the industry. They charge 1.4% of the value plus 25c per transaction. This is significantly less than most other online processors. While it may well be higher than you are currently paying your Irish bank, remember that online payments are always more expensive.

Setting up a Stripe account is similar to setting up a bank account, but a lot easier and definitely far quicker. You can be accepting payments within a few minutes.

They will require your personal details as well as details about your business, including your CRO number. Once the account is setup you will be able to accept payments. You will also be asked to submit proof of identity and proof of address and payouts to your bank account won't be made until they have been verified. We recommend getting everything done before you start to accept payments. From the time you submit your documents they normally have them approved within a few hours.

Once you have your Stripe account setup and you're ready to integrate with, head on over to Step 5 in our 'Getting Started' section.

You can find out more about Stripe at Tell them we sent you!