Having logged into the Admin Console, select 'Admin Menu' from the menu across the top of the screen and then select 'Upload your Logo'.

If a file already exists, the image will be displayed on the screen when you open it.

Click on 'Choose File' and select a PNG, JPG or JPEG formatted file. The system won't allow you to upload anything other than one of these.

Ideally the image should be no more than about 250px * 250px (ideally smaller) while the file size should be no more than 200KB and ideally smaller than that. Images larger than this could increase the time it takes for your menu page to load.

If you are struggling with the type of size of your files please send it to us at support@foodnow.ie and we can resize it for you.

Once you have selected your file, click on 'Add' to upload. Once it's uploaded it will be displayed on the page (just to make sure you've uploaded the right image).

To change the image, simply click on 'Choose File' again and upload a new one. You can change this file as often as you like and the change on your menu page is instant. Feel free to experiment with different files and colours (next step) until you have the page looking the way you want it.