Head on over to the Admin Console and login using the email address and password you uses to setup the account.

When logged in, choose the 'Admin Menu' tab from the menu at the top of the screen and then click on 'Greeting and Collection Settings'.

The screen will display the default settings which you can change if you wish. An explanation for each of the fields is as follows:

Welcome Message

This is the message your customers will see at the top of your menu page. We recommend you keep this relatively short and snappy, maybe between 15 and 20 words. Welcome your customer and maybe give them your phone number in case they have any questions.

Operate Collection Timeslots?

In this field you determine whether you want to operate specific timeslots for collection or whether you want to allow your customer come whenever they want.

If you choose NOT to operate timeslots, then your customer will be able to pick any time for pickup (as long as they are inside your opening hours). For this option select 'No'.

Operating timeslots mean that you will provide your customer with a list of possible collection times and they will be allowed to select one of those. For this option select 'Yes'.

If you select 'Yes' to 'Operate Collection Timeslots' the next three fields become available and allow you to configure your timeslots.

Minimum time required between order and collection.

This field allows you to specify the minimum time (in minutes) between when a customer can order and collect. For example, if you need a minimum of 30 minutes to prepare an order, then if the customer opens your menu at 18.00, the first available collection timeslot available will be 18.30.

The default is 30 minutes, but you can change this to whatever suits your business.

Order Intervals

This is the amount of time (in minutes) between orders. For example, you may only want to facilitate one order every 5 minutes, meaning that if your opening tie is from 17:00, your order timeslots will be 17:00, 17:05, 17:10, 17:15 etc.

Th default setting is 5 minutes, but you can change this to suit yourself.

Number of Customers per Interval

This is the number of customers you can serve per timeslot. If you have a smaller premises you may only want one customer arriving at each collection slot, but a larger premises may be able to support more customers at the same time.

The default setting is 1 customer, but you can change this to suit yourself.